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SEO Blog Writing : A guide to capture new organic traffic using well structured, keyword rich content.

When we look at an SEO project for a client, we often find that they are already ranking visible on google for many of their ideal keywords, but some keywords they would like to show up for, they don't.

We want to show up for these new keywords, but don't want to mess up the great work we have already done. ie. lose ranking on the keywords presently working for us.

seo blog writing
writing a blog with seo in mind

SEO Blog writing is a great way to try and rank for a new subject matter, product or location (depending on the nature of your business)

The Blog page allows you to talk about something new, without interfering with your main pages.

Each blog post creates a sub page from the blog page... far away from your default / main pages. In particular, your home page.

It is a way of creating a new indexable webpage easily and without too much work.

There are however some important rules to follow when writing the content:

Firstly, we need to ensure that we have a focus keyword/s. This blog for example has the focus keywords SEO Blog Writing

Writing a blog for SEO
SEO Blog Writing

To ensure we really get our 3 keywords noticed by google, we have to ensure we include these keywords 'SEO blog writing' throughout the blog.

  • This includes in the title (H1), in the sub heading (H2), and the body text (P1)

  • include keywords in the url slug address

  • include keywords in meta description

  • add image and keywords in ALT text

  • include mark up for rich snippets

  • ensure your post is indexable

  • add additional keyword tags / indicate what your post is about


We have seen some great examples of 'SEO blog writing', but here is one of our favourite examples of informative blogs that are well written, well structured and well tagged up:

Bournemouth Mortgages are a leading mortgage broker in Bournemouth, which is close to Poole in Dorset. In order to find new customers in neighbouring Poole, but without detracting from Bournemouth area, they have used their blog to great effect. They have done a great job of writing a natural sounding keyword rich blog that focuses on a new geographical area of business and try and attract some extra work as a mortgage broker in Poole.

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