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S.E.O. - search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (seo for short) is the process of improving a websites visibility, transparency, and performance.

A combination of good website structure, well written online content, effective and efficient keyword use, appropriate tags and descriptions in website, back-links from other appropriate websites.. can contribute to a well optimized website in the eyes of the search engines.


Other factors can also effect the SEO of a site. Updates to Search engine algorithms can change the way your website is seen by Search engines... and so its visibility and rank.

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Why is s.e.o. so important?

Advertising and marketing is expensive. Even more so the more competitive & lucrative a market or industry is.


Large Businesses can spend millions each year just on their website marketing. Quite often they will have an in house team in an attempt to control their destiny and save money.

Others outsource work to specialists.


Which ever approach to SEO is utilized, it needs to be maintained.

The reason for this is simple... direct paid advertising, such as PPC (pay per click) advertising is very expensive, as it costs a set price every time someone clicks your advert.

The cost for each click again is determined  by the demand for the exposure, the potential market, and potential yield through conversion to sale.

SEO can improve your organic website listing position. When people find you in the natural/organic search listings, and click.. it costs nothing. This is where the biggest saving is made.

whats more..

Organic listings are also regarded as more reliable.. tried and tested if you will. So, many people would ignore the paid advertising, as they are aware that they have just paid to be there. They haven't necessarily earned their position on the search results.

So.. SEO is a way of improving visitor rates which can be far more effective and cost effective than traditional marketing/advertising campaigns.

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