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can i build a website myself?

diy website build
can i build a website myself

Anyone can build a website these days. Its just whether your time is better spent on something else.

Who will do the best job of optimizing your website for google and the other search engines?.. well, potentially you.

To improve your websites visibility and performance requires know-how and time.

Time needs to be spent to write the content, re-write the content... and then do it again the next week. Fresh content is key, especially to begin with (start ups).

These days you can learn anything online, including effective seo and marketing. Patience is required to read and compare what professionals say and recommend... as there is no exact science. The whole point to seo is to stay mobile and dynamic... keep busy .. just like the ranking formula that the search engines constantly update.

It can seem like nothing is happening with your website visibility or ranking... but for every action- there is a reaction... it just takes a little time.

This being said.. make sure the actions are the right actions, as penalties need to be avoided. Use a test platform / site to be safe before you implement your changes to content, site structure and links.

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