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Search engine optimization (seo) is an essential part of modern website design and marketing. There is on-site / on-page SEO and offsite SEO.

When doing anything on you website that helps search engines find your site for indexing and search result positioning, it is on-site.

When doing anything else online off of your website, that helps visitors and search engines find your site, it is off-site SEO. 

Combining well written online content on your site, building good website structure, use of potent key-words, appropriate meta-tags and descriptions in your website and appropriate backlinks from trusted and associated websites  contribute to a well optimized website.

There are regular online updates to Search engine algorithms that can alter your rankings and visibility on search engines.

Is SEO important?

Traditional forms of marketing such as newspapers, television and radio advertising is very expensive.

A good website is the best way to get your business out there to the masses without it costing the earth.

Even online marketing using paid methods, for exposure, can cost a small fortune.

Advertising on Pay Per Click services such as Google Adwords can also work out an expensive way to advertise, as the keyword search terms that you target can range in cost per click from a few pence to a few pounds.

The more competition there is in your marketplace the more expensive it will likrly be.

If you consider a website that receives thousands of views a month from organic search visitors, without paying anything per click, a huge saving is made.

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