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Google Products / Services & Pay Per Click marketing

Google Adwords  and other Pay per click advertising is an effective way of achieving instant online exposure for your website.


The cost of a campaign can vary greatly depending on industry and competition of the market. The way to make PPC work for you is to be realistic with your marketing budget. (£50 a month is going to do much!)

Your target audience has to be considered carefully when planning a PPC campaigns. The keyword phases you use will determine the cost, the search traffic and quite often the Click Through Rate (CTR).


There are many other online services that should be used when marketing your website. Google maps is a free service- its use is an excellent way of gaining rapid exposure online. The best way to ensure your website performs as well as it can on search engines like google, is to use your time and budget on a combination of PPC, SEO and Other online exposure methods.

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