Google Products and Services

Google is the boss of SEO (search engine optimization)... well, the boss online really... Their mathematical formula & their services! 

sometimes you have to join the best to be the best.

Google Adwords a simple but effective way of achieving instant online exposure.

Adwords and other PPC (pay per click) campaigns can be very expensive, but none-the-less they work.

The key to a good ad-word campaign is to research the market, the cost for keywords, the potential for savings on CPC (cost per click), trends of searches and much much more..

The target audience has to be considered carefully in the delivery of any PPC campaigns In-experienced managers can waste a lot of money showing the wrong people your ads.

There are many other google services that can be utilized when marketing your website. One example is Google maps is a free service, and in London its use is an excellent way of gaining rapid exposure online. Of course this too needs some consideration to achieve the best results.

Our in house google expert will utilize every appropriate service for our clients.

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