SEO in London - Good SEO companies v Evil SEO ***holes.

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 6:25 AM

londons seo are a search engine optimization service and website marketing company in North London. We work with London companies to improve their online presence and visibility using safe and effective s.e.o. methods.

Unlike many other SEO companies, we actually treat your website marketing campaign like its our own.

We do not pretend, like many seo firms, that the cost of ranking on 1st page of google on all keywords will be identical. We do not advertise that you can pay an advertised fee in order to achieve the 1st page results you want! Why? Because every keyword or string of keywords is different. Each have their own search traffic numbers, competition and value.


Let me give a clear example-

someone online searching for 'online poker' would come across over 45m results

someone searching for 'Horsham Vet' would come across around only 200k results


now, which would you think is harder to rank for??

of course with more than 200 times as many results (also known as competition!) it is more challenging to rank for a popular search term, like 'online poker'


Now looking further into this example, you would notice large well known companies on the 1st page. But why?

The companies that are at the top of the rankings have the biggest budgets, its that simple.

The Gambling sites invest millions into their SEO marketing campaigns, they have staff full time working on developing links to other sites to promote their own.

What could you expect from a few hundred pounds investment on the keyword search 'online gambling'?

The answer is not much. You would be lucky if they even got you listed on the first 10 pages of google!! On the other hand, you may start to climb the rankings on a less competetive search like 'Horsham Vets'.


conclusion- It is misleading when companies offer set pricing on keywords to SEO before they have audited and actually understand the industry and business they are trying to promote.

They will, at best, only do a set amount of marketing time, for a set amount of cash! This does not mean you will jump above your competition, who is paying for more physical time of an SEO company/freelancer.

The Pyschology of numbers-

People can be very easily influenced by a number. A number of keywords, a number of links, a number of cost.

SEO companies sometimes put very favourable numbers and statistics and costings on their website. why?

It makes you assume you will get the cheapest deal.. but the cheapest of anything is rarely a good deal. The cheapest usually doesnt work to begin with & Unfortunaltely many people are fooled by this cheating ***holes!

I feel justified in this harsh description because many great businesses and individuals suffer because of these lies. Once committed to a cheap SEO company, they quite often assume they would get the same terrible service elsewhere, just for more costs. Quite often these customers have no idea how to change their own website too, so are often bound to the company that built their website!


why we are different-


London's SEO could also advertise SEO services in London for set prices for set number of keywords, at a bargain price... but we dont! We choose to do things honestly and properly, so that we are successful in the real art of SEO.

We actually meet you face to face, discuss your position and industry.

We actually research the Keywords you want to rank for.

We actually give you the advice you should be given by any reputable SEO company in or out of London.

Only after we have the factual information to present to you, will we give you accurate advice and quotation for our services. If we believe we cant achieve what you want, we are honest about this.

Please readers, dont be duped by promises of web domination for a few quid.. If they could really do what they promise, they would be adding a few zero's to the end of their prices advertised!


We wrote this blog article to try and get you to think carefully before rushing into working with these pirates. We have so many individuals coming to us for help with their website after they have seen no progression, and unfortunately when we look into the work they have paid for, quite often see nothing!!

We also offer prices starting from £199 but will be honest about what that buys.

Many SEO agencies take advantage of those that arent clued up online, and give the SEO industry as a whole a bad name.. You know who you are... shame on you.


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