Seo outsourcing good idea or bad idea?

Posted on December 9, 2014 at 11:55 AM

It's a question worth considering..


If possible is it not better always to get someone on your team, who knows what they're doing with seo (search engine optimisation) and web marketing? This way they can do the work.. and assave costs.

Certainly having people on board you can trust, who can make changes instantly is a good thing.

Having in house web teams can save a fortune and keep you firmly in control of your business online.

For those who do not have an onboard seo expert, you can outsource to trusted and reliable companies.

Londons-seo is one of london's most trusted premier seo agencies.

We only take with people/companies that we believe we can help to perform better online. With that in mind, we give appropriate advice on all things seo and ppc (pay per click) related.

Many other companies outsource work to india or other areas of the world just to save money. The problem with this is those companies are restricted with regards to what they can do, with what pages. Some pages are not accessable to edit for them.. so backlinking on certain pages is not possible from certain countries.

 These companies tend to use auto scripts instead, which sign you up to random websites sometimes hundreds at a time, but like i mentioned in earlier posts this is not always (and rarely is) a good thing as it can tie you into the wrong traffic and pull you further away from your desired position and search queries.

what makes londons-seo different?

 We only ever take on a very small number of clients at any one time. This means we can concentrate our efforts on our clients business 100%.. It means our clients are happy- as they see the effort we put in to promote their business. They can see the attention to detail that goes into their/our campaigns.

 We back link, create content, adjust websites, do ppc campaigns & seo, just as we would with our own company. We take it very very seriously and we know a good job for you will result in repeat custom. Every adjustment and action is Manual researched and considered.

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