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Posted on November 29, 2014 at 9:45 AM

There are various pricing structures that leading seo companies adopt in and out of london.


The fixed price option- This is a contract between the seo company /agency and the client, that a set price will be paid to the seo consultant / company / agency, when certain objectives are met. This could be an increase of visitors, an increase in sales, an improvement for keywords on search engine results pages (serp's), or other..


Monthly payments- This is considered the most appropriate and fairest method for most, for the following reasons.

1- a decent seo campaign needs time for results to become clear. Websites dont index immediately high, they need to be cultivated. (This weeds out the '£100 first page google' cowboys!)

2.- An ongoing relationship between seo agency and client is essential to continue the improvements to a website. With monthly payments you have the option of changing companies without being tied in.


Percentage share- This option is most suited to start-up businesses. The seo company will usually work for free, but for a small share in the company.

This is great to save money, and will motivate the seo company to perform... as its their company too.


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