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Posted on November 29, 2014 at 9:15 AM

When considering website marketing, first think about your product or service and then who & where the customers are.

Being realistic with your goals is important, as you are never going to successfully compete against industry leading companies and brands without spending time, money and effort.

The harsh reality is, business is tough, so getting your marketing strategy right is essential.

Spending thousands on newspapers, radio or tv isnot going to ensure any type of success.. but will leave your wallet lighter!

Marketing has changed a lot over recent years. It is now more important than ever to focus the bulk of your marketing strategy around an online marketing campaign and website.

90% of people in london use google as their primary source of information!

The best online marketing companies in London know how to make best use of a website and its related online content, to improve the number of visitors to your website, and ensure the correct visitors/customers are finding you.

Marketing you website online can be done in different ways. If your business is a london based website, posting adverts/links on a London related website with good PageRank and high in the google results pages can help your site be viewed more and improve in performance.

Online marketing can also take the simple form of posting youtube videos, again with a nice description of what you offer and a link back to website will help.

Paid Advertising campaigns, such as google adword PPC can improve your websites traffic also, but can be expensive.

Website seo- this is the process of ensuring that your website is as visible to search engines as possible, thereby improving traffic to your site.


London Seo use all of the above methods to achieve effective online marketing in london, we specialize in SEO, and can manage your website marketing campaign.

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