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Posted on November 11, 2014 at 9:20 AM


White hat seo is a term used to describe ethical, safe, effective and sustainable seo marketing methods.

black hat marketing techniques, such as the use of scripts to build links and visitors automatically can get you results short term, but long term can damage your websites trust level and its performance for intended purpose.

When people say they can get you 1000s of visitors for a set price... it means they can get people clicking on your site to earn a reward, a few pence, or hits on their own website.

It means nothing if you arent getting genuine visitors who want your service or products.

It can also be discovered that you have used these bad practices, and so you can also be given penalties by the search engines.

The best london seo companies know this and so stay well clear of these negative practices.

Top seo firms take time to manually find the right places to link back to your site, to ensure that only positive effects result from backlink.

The seo cowboys out there simply want to show you numbers of links obtained, rather than backlink quality. We recommend learning about seo yourself, so you can be in control of your brand and website.

If this is beyond your technical know how, or you dont have time to do seo yourself, make sure you meet face to face with your seo consultant. Many seo firms are actually based in scotland or india... so not ideal for collaborating with them if you live in London.

Choose a trusted london seo company (if based in london)  to discuss your needs face to face.

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