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Posted on November 11, 2014 at 9:10 AM

The most common question we receive at londons-seo is 'how do we get our website on the first page of google?, or, how do we climb google's rankings and serps? (search engine result pages)

This can be achieved with hard work, (whether that be content creation and backlink building or bespoke targeted campaigns) and constant re-assessment of your website, its performance and relevance.

The second question asked frequently is- How do we attract the right visitors to our website?

Also a very important question to keep in mind, as climbing google's pages in the wrong keywords or search queries can take you further away from the customers you are trying to reach.

So, research into the popularity of keywords, effectiveness of keywords, what sort of search terms, the right customer for your business, would use...

 Yes- The answer to both of these questions is found through in depth research, correct application, and a continual change in the methodology of your marketing to build a broad and consistant image of your business over many different search terms in many different places.

Without proper research into competition, and correct application you stand little chance of climbing googles pages.

Beware of seo companies who guarantee 1st page reults for a fixed fee. Although this is easily achievable.. it wont be for the major key word search terms you need (unless there is little competition in the industry sector).

Also its position will need to be maintained and secured with historical content supporting its position online.

To conclude- every industry, company, individuals position is unique. New competition could start tomorrow!

You cannot set a price for an effective seo marketing campaign without knowing all the facts first. A reputable seo or brand development company would meet you face to face and explain this and offer options. After all, they should be spending a lot of time working on your business.

A reliable seo company should audit the current position of the business (client) in relation to the competition and the objectives and aims of the client.

So in conclusion- An effective seo campaign is ongoing... beware fixed priced promises are generally red flags.




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