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SEO in London - Good SEO companies v Evil SEO ***holes.

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 6:25 AM

londons seo are a search engine optimization service and website marketing company in North London. We work with London companies to improve their online presence and visibility using safe and effective s.e.o. methods.

Unlike many other SEO companies, we actually treat your website marketing campaign like its our own.

We do not pretend, like many seo firms, that the cost of ranking on 1st page of google on all keywords will be identical. We do not advertise that you can pay an advertised fee in order to achieve the 1st page results you want! Why? Because every keyword or string of keywords is different. Each have their own search traffic numbers, competition and value.


Let me give a clear example-

someone online searching for 'online poker' would come across over 45m results

someone searching for 'Horsham Vet' would come across around only 200k results


now, which would you think is harder to rank for??

of course with more than 200 times as many results (also known as competition!) it is more challenging to rank for a popular search term, like 'online poker'


Now looking further into this example, you would notice large well known companies on the 1st page. But why?

The companies that are at the top of the rankings have the biggest budgets, its that simple.

The Gambling sites invest millions into their SEO marketing campaigns, they have staff full time working on developing links to other sites to promote their own.

What could you expect from a few hundred pounds investment on the keyword search 'online gambling'?

The answer is not much. You would be lucky if they even got you listed on the first 10 pages of google!! On the other hand, you may start to climb the rankings on a less competetive search like 'Horsham Vets'.


conclusion- It is misleading when companies offer set pricing on keywords to SEO before they have audited and actually understand the industry and business they are trying to promote.

They will, at best, only do a set amount of marketing time, for a set amount of cash! This does not mean you will jump above your competition, who is paying for more physical time of an SEO company/freelancer.

The Pyschology of numbers-

People can be very easily influenced by a number. A number of keywords, a number of links, a number of cost.

SEO companies sometimes put very favourable numbers and statistics and costings on their website. why?

It makes you assume you will get the cheapest deal.. but the cheapest of anything is rarely a good deal. The cheapest usually doesnt work to begin with & Unfortunaltely many people are fooled by this cheating ***holes!

I feel justified in this harsh description because many great businesses and individuals suffer because of these lies. Once committed to a cheap SEO company, they quite often assume they would get the same terrible service elsewhere, just for more costs. Quite often these customers have no idea how to change their own website too, so are often bound to the company that built their website!


why we are different-


London's SEO could also advertise SEO services in London for set prices for set number of keywords, at a bargain price... but we dont! We choose to do things honestly and properly, so that we are successful in the real art of SEO.

We actually meet you face to face, discuss your position and industry.

We actually research the Keywords you want to rank for.

We actually give you the advice you should be given by any reputable SEO company in or out of London.

Only after we have the factual information to present to you, will we give you accurate advice and quotation for our services. If we believe we cant achieve what you want, we are honest about this.

Please readers, dont be duped by promises of web domination for a few quid.. If they could really do what they promise, they would be adding a few zero's to the end of their prices advertised!


We wrote this blog article to try and get you to think carefully before rushing into working with these pirates. We have so many individuals coming to us for help with their website after they have seen no progression, and unfortunately when we look into the work they have paid for, quite often see nothing!!

We also offer prices starting from £199 but will be honest about what that buys.

Many SEO agencies take advantage of those that arent clued up online, and give the SEO industry as a whole a bad name.. You know who you are... shame on you.


Apprentice winner Mark Wright seo marketing agency

Posted on December 21, 2014 at 6:25 PM

Mark Wright - Amstrad founder Lord Sugar's new business wins BBC One show The Apprentice.


The 25-year-old Australian will receive £250,000 investment in his idea, a digital marketing agency (seo) after Lord Sugar told him on sundays final "You're hired" .


There were 20 candidates thath began the show, over the weeks- downsized to a final pair of Wright and Bianca Miller.


"It's a bit of a rollercoaster ride," said Wright, "but I'm in it for the long haul."


He said his family and friends had been unaware of the show, adding they told him: "'We thought you went backpacking and now you're on a TV programme with a tycoon starting a business?'"


In the final his final opponent was Miller, who was hoping to launch a range of tights to match various skin tones.


Wright's concept involves digital marketing and search engine optimisation (seo) to help push businesses up online searches.


"London particularly is a land of opportunity for young people to start businesses. You can start a business here from your kitchen bench and turn over a million quid - what other place in the world can you do that?" he said.

Picture Courtesy of BBC NEWS

Londons SEO - Trusted SEO and PPC website marketing in London.

Seo outsourcing good idea or bad idea?

Posted on December 9, 2014 at 11:55 AM

It's a question worth considering..


If possible is it not better always to get someone on your team, who knows what they're doing with seo (search engine optimisation) and web marketing? This way they can do the work.. and assave costs.

Certainly having people on board you can trust, who can make changes instantly is a good thing.

Having in house web teams can save a fortune and keep you firmly in control of your business online.

For those who do not have an onboard seo expert, you can outsource to trusted and reliable companies.

Londons-seo is one of london's most trusted premier seo agencies.

We only take with people/companies that we believe we can help to perform better online. With that in mind, we give appropriate advice on all things seo and ppc (pay per click) related.

Many other companies outsource work to india or other areas of the world just to save money. The problem with this is those companies are restricted with regards to what they can do, with what pages. Some pages are not accessable to edit for them.. so backlinking on certain pages is not possible from certain countries.

 These companies tend to use auto scripts instead, which sign you up to random websites sometimes hundreds at a time, but like i mentioned in earlier posts this is not always (and rarely is) a good thing as it can tie you into the wrong traffic and pull you further away from your desired position and search queries.

what makes londons-seo different?

 We only ever take on a very small number of clients at any one time. This means we can concentrate our efforts on our clients business 100%.. It means our clients are happy- as they see the effort we put in to promote their business. They can see the attention to detail that goes into their/our campaigns.

 We back link, create content, adjust websites, do ppc campaigns & seo, just as we would with our own company. We take it very very seriously and we know a good job for you will result in repeat custom. Every adjustment and action is Manual researched and considered.

social media marketing importance & seo

Posted on December 9, 2014 at 11:25 AM

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about social media is that it's for people who just want to waste time while at work or similar, but this is not the truth. The truth is, social media has become one of the most important aspects of seo and website marketing online. There are certain websites with such high pagerank and trustability- facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest and so on, you must be involved with them.


Websites millions of users, its worth setting up a profile on these sites just to have a link back to your website from them. Even if you don't use it REGULARLY.

 Those that do use social media platforms to market and promote their business create new contacts, create new links and are able to add fresh content to their pages to stand out.

Therefore it is pretty much essential for any business website, especially in a market like London,  to also make use of social media marketing. So, Create a facebook account, sign up to a youtube account.. and don't about forget google + .

Google plus is one you now need to get on board with. It has been popular of recent, and carries more weight than it did a few years back with regard to SEO.

 Another great feature of the social media platforms is the ability to create a custom domain UK which can make your business not only look consistent but also can help with SEO due to keywords in the URL.

Londons seo-

London Pay per click, ppc, london ppc, london ppc companies

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM

London Pay per click, ppc, london ppc, london ppc companies.


PPC or 'pay per click' is a method of advertising which means your are charged a fee per click on the advert.

The most famous PPC provider is google and its networks.

The advantage of PPC is you have the ability to incrase visitors to your website for any keyword search or sector, quickly!!!

The disadvantage of PPC is the cost. For certain keywords, the price per click is high.

The solution- when conducting PPC campaigns, creativity is key. You need to tap into cheaper keyword searches that are just as effective as the high price ones. Researching search volume and effective demographics can give you an insight into keyword possibilities that increase your ROI.

London Seo provide intelligent & creative seo & ppc campaign management in London

seo marketing pricing, cost & value in london.

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 9:45 AM

There are various pricing structures that leading seo companies adopt in and out of london.


The fixed price option- This is a contract between the seo company /agency and the client, that a set price will be paid to the seo consultant / company / agency, when certain objectives are met. This could be an increase of visitors, an increase in sales, an improvement for keywords on search engine results pages (serp's), or other..


Monthly payments- This is considered the most appropriate and fairest method for most, for the following reasons.

1- a decent seo campaign needs time for results to become clear. Websites dont index immediately high, they need to be cultivated. (This weeds out the '£100 first page google' cowboys!)

2.- An ongoing relationship between seo agency and client is essential to continue the improvements to a website. With monthly payments you have the option of changing companies without being tied in.


Percentage share- This option is most suited to start-up businesses. The seo company will usually work for free, but for a small share in the company.

This is great to save money, and will motivate the seo company to perform... as its their company too.


Londons-seo are a leadding seo & website marketing company in london, we provide bespoke solutions to your online & website marketing needs.

online website marketing in london

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 9:15 AM

When considering website marketing, first think about your product or service and then who & where the customers are.

Being realistic with your goals is important, as you are never going to successfully compete against industry leading companies and brands without spending time, money and effort.

The harsh reality is, business is tough, so getting your marketing strategy right is essential.

Spending thousands on newspapers, radio or tv isnot going to ensure any type of success.. but will leave your wallet lighter!

Marketing has changed a lot over recent years. It is now more important than ever to focus the bulk of your marketing strategy around an online marketing campaign and website.

90% of people in london use google as their primary source of information!

The best online marketing companies in London know how to make best use of a website and its related online content, to improve the number of visitors to your website, and ensure the correct visitors/customers are finding you.

Marketing you website online can be done in different ways. If your business is a london based website, posting adverts/links on a London related website with good PageRank and high in the google results pages can help your site be viewed more and improve in performance.

Online marketing can also take the simple form of posting youtube videos, again with a nice description of what you offer and a link back to website will help.

Paid Advertising campaigns, such as google adword PPC can improve your websites traffic also, but can be expensive.

Website seo- this is the process of ensuring that your website is as visible to search engines as possible, thereby improving traffic to your site.


London Seo use all of the above methods to achieve effective online marketing in london, we specialize in SEO, and can manage your website marketing campaign.

Trustworthy & ethical seo in london

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 8:55 AM

 Londons SEO pride themselves on being a trusted SEO agency in london. By this we mean we only use ethical methods to increase your websites visibility. We will nevver use black hat methods to improve your temporary search page listing position.

The reason for this is simple. Using scripts, spam, directory submissions and poor backlinking will negatively effect your performance online.. if not immediately, definately over time. 

Google and other search engines are constantly trying to remove the pages that have used unethical methods to achieve their position.

Penalties are given by google for those websites that utilize black hat seo.

Any firm that promises incredible page / website visitors for a set fee, please be aware of... as a simple script can be used to show incredible visitor numbers to your site. This traffic is not from real potential customers, but random people generally.

This gives your site a very high bounce rate and more to the point no use.

The only way to build a sustainabe and improving seo campaign is to manually take the time to build the links back to your website with consideration, write and produce your online content on a regular basis, and deliver the service or product properly and professionally.

Word of mouth is still the best way to grow a business, as reputation is key to growth and sustainability.

Londons seo offer trustworthy seo services including reputation management & brand development in London.

Best SEO in London ?

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 7:30 AM

London is lucky enough to be one of the top locations for marketing and brand development. Its easy to find expert seo agencies and companies offering the best seo services all around the city/ capital.

Who though is the Best seo in London? 

There are many decent online marketing companies found online, including ouselves- London SEO, Branded, go-up, found, seo london.. to name just a few.

The best seo service for you depends on a few factors - seo / marketing budget, objective of campaign, industry sector & timescales.

Typically a larger leading seo firm will have more staff, more content writers, copywriters, coders, website designers, media professionals, back link builders and so on... So you would naturally think they can deliver the best seo campaigns for any company in any industry. This may be true if their team of authors are experienced in your field of industry. By this i mean, they find it natural to write about and produce quality content.. like they have a natural interest in the subject.

Without a natural feel to the seo content that is written, it will not rank naturally well either. The organic listing position on results pages wil not be as high on google as it could be, whereas with a writer that is interested or experienced in the subject, can really achieve 1st page results.

The best seo agencies in london know this, and so try to grow their team to include experts in different subjects and industries.

At Londons-SEO, we commision writers when needed to create 1st class / 1st page quality website content to ensure the best results are achieved with regards to organic listings on google.

Londons SEO have a broad range of experienced seo professionals from varying backgrounds, including finance, sports & leisure, media, retail & ecommerce, but even we need help from others to perform at our best. This ensures we can create top notch conent to give you the very best chance of meeting your business goals, improving your current seo ROI, and succeeding in London.

When considering your timescale for campaigns, smaller seo companies can actually perform better (Return on investment) than larger seo firms in London on occassion. They will quite often have less projects, or smaller campaigns  currently, so will have the time and desire to impress. They will put your seo campaign 1st! 

Any Londons SEO will want to do the best job possible to grow and improve themselves.. but do not discount a smaller london seo agency.

Quite often the hourly fee or minimum monthly fee will be lower with smaller firms (depending on their pricing structure) meaning the actual man hours spent on your business will be higher than what you would receive with some of the big top London seo firms. The risk will also be lower if their minimum monthly fee is lower.

The best advcie is not to discount any SEO company in london... London is home to the best seo marketing out there.

One last thing- Meet with your SEO company before entering a contract, get a feel for them..... are they dynamic, are they fresh, are they corporate, are they want you need?

What are top seo agencies in, and out of london, doing to get websites and brands to the top of google?

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 10:25 AM


The best seo companies are leading the way in both terms of brand development and achieving top google placement on serps on a regular basis.

The actual process is pretty transparent and logical, and can be learn't even online by most computer literates / professionals.

Excellent content, good site structure, good backlinking, supporting social media & ongoing content application / management being top of the list.

 Why then do i not get on the 1st page of google? you may ask..

This is also fairly straight forward. You are competing with others who are well aware of this, have already created the content and have history on their side. You need to aim at the keywords within your grasp.. otherwise you could be out of business before you even get any business!

The best seo agencies will aim to achieve the top results on serps for the best keywords appropriate to the business and its standing among the current and future competition.

If you are looking to establish a brand, you need to use dynamic, fresh, engaging and memorable supporting media, to leave your brand name in the head of the public.

If your website is an e-commerce site, you will need to spend best part of your time on building the trustability and reputation of your site.. building top back links and creating the best unique content possible.


Londons-seo are a leading seo agency that practise the best seo methods to get websites to the very top of search engine results pages.




Posted on November 11, 2014 at 8:35 PM

Who will do the best job of optimizing your website for google and the other search engines?.. well, potentially you.

To improve your websites visibility and performance requires know-how and time.

Time needs to be spent to write the content, re-write the content... and then do it again the next week. Fresh content is key, especially to begin with (start ups).

These days you can learn anything online, including effective seo and marketing. Patience is required to read and compare what professionals say and recommend... as there is no exact science. The whole point to seo is to stay mobile and dynamic... keep busy ..  just like the ranking formula that the search engines constantly update.

It can seem like nothing is happening with your website visibility or ranking... but for every action- there is a reaction... it just takes a little time.

This being said.. make sure the actions are the right actions, as penalties need to be avoided. Use a test platform / site to be safe before you implement your changes to content, site structure and links.

At Londons seo, we treat your business like our own.

white hat seo companies in london

Posted on November 11, 2014 at 9:20 AM


White hat seo is a term used to describe ethical, safe, effective and sustainable seo marketing methods.

black hat marketing techniques, such as the use of scripts to build links and visitors automatically can get you results short term, but long term can damage your websites trust level and its performance for intended purpose.

When people say they can get you 1000s of visitors for a set price... it means they can get people clicking on your site to earn a reward, a few pence, or hits on their own website.

It means nothing if you arent getting genuine visitors who want your service or products.

It can also be discovered that you have used these bad practices, and so you can also be given penalties by the search engines.

The best london seo companies know this and so stay well clear of these negative practices.

Top seo firms take time to manually find the right places to link back to your site, to ensure that only positive effects result from backlink.

The seo cowboys out there simply want to show you numbers of links obtained, rather than backlink quality. We recommend learning about seo yourself, so you can be in control of your brand and website.

If this is beyond your technical know how, or you dont have time to do seo yourself, make sure you meet face to face with your seo consultant. Many seo firms are actually based in scotland or india... so not ideal for collaborating with them if you live in London.

Choose a trusted london seo company (if based in london)  to discuss your needs face to face.

Climbing google rankings and search results serps

Posted on November 11, 2014 at 9:10 AM

The most common question we receive at londons-seo is 'how do we get our website on the first page of google?, or, how do we climb google's rankings and serps? (search engine result pages)

This can be achieved with hard work, (whether that be content creation and backlink building or bespoke targeted campaigns) and constant re-assessment of your website, its performance and relevance.

The second question asked frequently is- How do we attract the right visitors to our website?

Also a very important question to keep in mind, as climbing google's pages in the wrong keywords or search queries can take you further away from the customers you are trying to reach.

So, research into the popularity of keywords, effectiveness of keywords, what sort of search terms, the right customer for your business, would use...

 Yes- The answer to both of these questions is found through in depth research, correct application, and a continual change in the methodology of your marketing to build a broad and consistant image of your business over many different search terms in many different places.

Without proper research into competition, and correct application you stand little chance of climbing googles pages.

Beware of seo companies who guarantee 1st page reults for a fixed fee. Although this is easily achievable.. it wont be for the major key word search terms you need (unless there is little competition in the industry sector).

Also its position will need to be maintained and secured with historical content supporting its position online.

To conclude- every industry, company, individuals position is unique. New competition could start tomorrow!

You cannot set a price for an effective seo marketing campaign without knowing all the facts first. A reputable seo or brand development company would meet you face to face and explain this and offer options. After all, they should be spending a lot of time working on your business.

A reliable seo company should audit the current position of the business (client) in relation to the competition and the objectives and aims of the client.

So in conclusion- An effective seo campaign is ongoing... beware fixed priced promises are generally red flags.





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